Founded in LA, with a future on Phoenix.

Dextra Films was founded by Justin Balczak, a previous olympic competitor, and film school graduate. His dedication has led him to this brand.

Creative Cinema. Narrative Driven.

All the angles, equipment and lighting, mean nothing without the story or the purpose.

Being a Director and Cinematographer isn't just about the gear you have, the angles you shoot, or the lenses you use. It's more than that. Being a cinematographer means understanding the art of story, then honing it best around the main character. It's to drive the narrative of the brand to a better place.

Content Creation.

Approaching every project as a series of content, allows creation to be much easier. Dextra Films assists in building the longevity of brands, through properly presenting their story.

The Digital Pitch.

"The most important thing any professional can learn, is how to pitch their brand in a digital world" - Justin B.

In a world of evolving technology, millisecond fast response times, and instant gratification - attention spans are at an all time low. What this means for brands. is they need to stand out. Cutting through the digital noise, and positioning them in front of the right audience, tailoring the experience of the video to them is exactly what we do.

Cinema Creates A Feeling.

To understand the audience, is to convey that feeling. When writing or filming a cinematic blockbuster, we seek to inspire and drive the viewer to take action.

Film Is For The Future.

"Position brands as experts of their industry, and become relevant for times to come by utilizing film." -  Our Mission

Without the brand we help, we would be out of business. It's why we're dedicated to helping businesses thrive. The digital world is hard to navigate. We seek to provide the best brand presentations to the digital world.