1 / 2 — We orient our content to appeal to everybody that utilizes the digital age
2 / 2 — We create amazing content for brands all around the world.
A New perspective

Creative & Narrative Driven Media

A successful brand relies heavily on the pulling-power of great content. Developing results oriented and customer facing media is now at the forefront of every major brand. Every photo, video, and article needs to appeal, entice, and convince customers to take a specific action. Without a magic formula to follow, navigating the path to scaling your business can be a hard one. That's where Dextra Films enters the photo. We believe in the power of great content.

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Built with passion

Content For Every Platform

Whether it be for a personal page, or a corporate social media account. Maybe your project requires a commercial for a marketing campaign, or you need great event coverage. We specialize in maximizing the output and usability of every photo and video we produce.

Behind the face of every great brand, is an even greater branding strategy. Being relevant in today's age of technology requires both photo and video. Setting yourself apart from the competition, means creating something they haven't. That's what we're here to do.

Commercial Photography

Whether it be professional head shots, event coverage, product photography, or to use in marketing campaigns, we've masterfully done it. Our passionate photographers work one on one with our clients to ensure they have the best possible outcome.

Commercial Videography

From commercials, to product videos, to customer testimonials, our team is ready to provide you with a results oriented, client facing blockbuster. Through our surefire process of commercial development, we utilize and implement different aspects of the sales cycle for the best results.

Content Creation

Do you have a brand that needs constant new content? Are you releasing new products or services every month? Do you enjoy staying relevant in today's bombardment of ads? Contact us today to learn more about our monthly Content Creation Packages

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What Our Clients Say

Worth Every Penny

"I hired Dextra Films to create a testimonial package  so that my previous clients could explain the outcome of them working with me. The turnout was spectacular, and Justin is a literal genius"

- Brandon Jackson
Scaled My Brand

"I hired Dextra Films to provide me with professional head-shots and a small branding package so I could better showcase my services. Since then, I've increased the amount of Clients I've closed by almost 30%. Since working with them, I've learned better branding is key."

- kyle davis
Puts Things Into Perspective

"I'm an upcoming Author that needed an extensive list of work done. From my head-shots, to a documentary about the book, and separate book chapter trailers. We're still working on it as we speak, but I'm 100% certain the outcome will be more than satisfactory."

- Emily rose

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