Focusing on what matters

We believe in crafting the perfect brand story.

At the forefront of every brand, stands their message. It's up to us as content creators to ensure the successful delivery of that message. Through utilizing our commercial creation strategy, we produce the best results.

We are Dextra Films, a professional content creation brand that specializes in photo and video production. Through our process, we'll help you create the perfect content that matches your marketing strategy and content plan.

Step 1. Research

The results of every great branding campaign come from the research. Prior to us helping you create your perfect content, we want to first take the time to research your brand as a whole, ensuring that our understanding of what you have to offer is the same as yours. Getting on the same page is critical for the success of the project.


Step 2. Vision Session

After we've done our due diligence and have a better understanding of your brand, we'll meet with you to have a vision session and further discuss your wants and needs. At this time, we'll also bring forth any information we've found helpful, as well as any ideas we feel may positively impact your brand.


Step 3. Develop

Concluding the vision session, it's time to get the vision boards and shot lists together, because we'll be developing the entire schedule for the shoot. Once finalized, we'll submit our proposal and plan of action for your content creation needs.


Step 4. Shoot

Freeze! It's time to capture the most important parts of your brand. During the shoot, we'll do multiple takes from different angles, implement great film blocking techniques, follow the scripts and more. By the time we're finished, your brand blockbuster will be ready to edit.


Step 5. Edit

The heavy lifting is done, and the content has been successfully made. Now it's up to our elite team of editors to color grade, blend, edit, and bring to life your perfect brand vision.


Step 6. Deliver

The final step in the process, where we as a team get to see the fruits for our labor. The finalized product will be exported in any and all necessary file formats, and we'll help you implement it into your campaigns.


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